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hoian barbershop

Can the barbers do fades?

Yes! All types of fades from a high crop fade to a hard taper fade  

Do you shave beards?

We are the only barbershop in Hoi An that offer hot towel shaves  

What is a hot towel shave?

One of the best parts of a barbershop straight razor shave is having a hot towel pressed on your face while fully reclined in the barber chair. It's so relaxing. There's also a practical reason for this classic ritual: the heat from the towel softens up your beard so the barber can give you a nice, close, comfortable shave. The hot towel also opens the pores on your face and cleanses the oil and dirt from them. At The Hangout Barbershop our hot towel razor shaves are also followed by a cold towel that closes the pores to minimise skin irritation. 

Do you cut women’s hair?

If you are getting a traditional men’s haircut, then yes. If you are looking for a salon for women, we would recommend Ba-Le Well Beauty Salon, Hoi An. 

Hey! Can you do this haircut?

Everyone’s hair has a different texture, grows differently, lays differently etc. If you bring us a photo of the hairstyle you would like, we will try our best to cut your hair in that style. 

We can also offer advice on which hairstyle would suit your hair type and face shape best. 

Do you do appointments?

Unfortunately we do not offer appointments, we are a walk-in only barbershop. First come first serve, if there’s a long wait we do have a puppy to keep you entertained (& a playstation, but most people prefer the puppy)